Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Zitate I

Die ganze Welt ist Bühne und alle Menschen bloße Spieler. Sie treten auf und gehen wieder ab, sein Leben lang spielt Einer manche Rollen. (William Shakespeare)

Die Beste Tarnung ist immer noch die blanke und nackte Wahrheit. Die glaubt niemand. (Max Frisch)


It's either time or everyone round
To show us what or who might be exchangable
In the game of life we're playing

Helloween - Kings Will Be Kings

Out of doubt, no hope
Satan feeds our madness
Insanity confirms where we stand
Spit the red vile breath and
Wrath is our gift that
Leads direct to Armageddon

Helloween - The Dark Ride

He loves you
Alarms you
Of a game we shouldn't play
He tells your heart
To stay apart
From a game we shouldn't play
We run blind
In a game we shouldn't play
Its that kind of game we shouldn't play

Helloween - A Game We Shoudn't Play

Lies turn to ties for ill famed and disguised
One day you'll pay and your skies turn to grey

Helloween - Fallen To Pieces

I don't want to be like you, the time will come,
when everything's too late
Deep in the blackest hole.
I'll never be like you and you will end
frustrated, full on hate,
deep in the blackest hole.

Rage - Deep In The Blackest Hole


Why do you run - answer me
Who do you follow - talk to me
What is the hidden that I cannot see
What is the prize you try to hide from me

I see you dying
And I listen

Helloween - Listen To The Flies

All the evil that you're sending out
Is falling back on you
Life's a cycle, driving all the world
And I will be around

Rage - Down

Let me out
Let me go
Open your eyes
You told nothing but lies
Please go down, please
Come on, go down with your ego

Helloween - Mr. Ego

Lies are a weapon that kills from inside.
If there's no change you'll bury all life.
You steal from us all what we need to survive
looks like soon you will bury all life.

Rage - Bury All Life

Don't tell me of any wonders shitting gold
Don't tell me of a hard way we have to go through
Still we pay your warmth out of the cold
Do you really think we're that blind?
Don't spit on my mind

Helloween - Don't Spit On My Mind

You are rotten to the core you're an addict that's for sure
You will waste all that you had it seems you'll spoil all that you get
Try to find a hold in life you should fall on your knees
And pray that you can turn around

Jump, jump into the fire
Burn til you're purified
Down, down to the wires
Burn my friend and learn my friend
Til you're purified

Rage - Purified



2 Momente würde ich gerne festhalten können

- den Moment, in dem sie merkt dass ich es weiß

- der ungläubige Gesichtsausdruck, wenn ich zu Recht behaupte dass ich sie, seit ich sie kenne, nicht ein einizges Mal angelogen habe
das muss für sie unvorstellbar sein...